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¨I enjoy working with Melissa, she brings a unique style and perspective to the table.  Her varied background allows her to challenge my thinking in a friendly, tough, thoughtful manner.  Others may try to agree or sugar coat their thoughts, but Melissa’s tenacity forces me to consider her ideas and think them through.  I originally engaged with and continue to work with Melissa due to her uniqueness, intellect, and ability to challenge my thinking. I find value with my time with Melissa.¨

Advisory Work

I am open to board positions with innovative, growth companies who are actively positioning new models, offerings, or platforms for providing premium solutions that are sustainable, simple to buy, easy to use, undoubtedly impactful and clearly differentiated in the market.

For these companies, I can offer experience and a strong voice with respect to:

  • accelerating revenue growth,

  • challenging assumptions to rationalize business models,

  • identifying and aligning strategic focus and priorities,

  • building C level and next tier leadership,

  • bringing new product and services to market,

  • creating organizational structures to drive productive cultural change, and

  • recruiting and retaining top talent CEOs and leadership teams.

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