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"Melissa has been a tremendous executive coach and has really pushed my development forward.  She brings the right balance of strategic thinking as well as a strong understanding of how to apply principles to ensure execution.  You will not be comfortable, but you will have success working with Melissa.¨ 


For 25 years, I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of talented CEOs who were committed to growth, not only of their companies but of themselves as leaders. Teaching and studying at the MIT Sloan School, collaborating with great thinkers at Harvard Business School Publishing, and being fortunate enough to have launched my career at recognized companies like Chubb Insurance, Oracle Corp. and Inc. Magazine gave me the footings to confidently start and ultimately grow a successful CEO advisory and consulting firm (which I loved). At the start of the new year in 2021, I purposefully transitioned The Raffoni Group, LLC into good hands ( with the intention of shifting gears.


Despite the shift, my passion for working with driven professionals and bold leaders has not waned. I work best with those who want to be challenged, but I can also be a sounding board when cheerleading is required. I know the right questions to ask, when to ask them, and when to back off. I know the CEO and C-Suite jobs. I understand what it takes to be a good leader and am keen to collaborate on how we canlea d better in today's changing world, because it is clear new skills are required.  Specifically, my domain expertise is in strategy, leadership, organizational effectiveness, plan execution and strategic communication.

As an executive coach, advisor and educator, my intent is to drive meaningful change, both personally and professionally through:

  • cutting to the chase to bring clarity to complexity, 

  • challenging the status quo,

  • surfacing what matters, 

  • fostering strategic thinking and focus, and 

  • ultimately, helping to develop a path forward supported by clear goals.

Additionally, I will provide insight and thoughts along the way, where warranted.

My current passions include studying leaders (specifically what makes them tick, thrive, and self-destruct), travelling the world, managing a side gig real estate business, and purposefully connecting people where it’s helpful. I'm also dedicated to figuring out how to age gracefully, helping my two kids to transition from the nest, dancing to reggae music and sluggishly improving my skills in Spanish and as an artist.

For more details on my professional experience or personal pursuits, visit my social pages:

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